Overpacking, underpacking, panic-packing—these are just some of the common mistakes that we often find ourselves stuck in before our departure date.

It gets tiring sometimes to be under such a situation every time there is a trip. Should not we all learn from the first time we did any of the packing mistakes known to mankind?

And just when you thought overpacking is the worst of them all, there are more mistakes that do not show their faces until you experience it for yourself.

Here are some of them:

1. Last-minute packing

Most of us are guilty of this one.

Last-minute packing is a dangerous habit! It can cause you stress and you would probably leave some items behind.

If you want a relaxed and stress-free trip, I highly suggest you avoid this one. Do not be a procrastinator.

You should be able to pack while you still have an ample amount of time on your schedule to think about the items you need to bring. Otherwise, you are just going to stress yourself out.

2. Doubled-up suitcases

Do not you just love it if you are traveling and at least one of your hands is free to hold your passport or your boarding pass, or do just about anything? Well, we often snatch that freedom away when we decide to bring a handful of bags with us.

Imagine walking around the airport with a backpack, a duffle bag, a handbag, and a tote bag. I mean, do not you feel tired carrying around all those with little to no room for easy movements?

The answer to this problem is a suitcase with wheels and a backpack that can serve as your carry-on luggage. A carry-on is essentially helpful if you have layovers.

3. Packing “just in case” stuff

This is a common mistake especially if anxiety gets the best of you.

It is a forceful habit of nature to pack “just in case” items and as much as we want to kill this one, we cannot blame ourselves for wanting to be on the safe side rather than regret not packing certain items especially on emergency cases.

But tell you what, these cases do not happen most of the time. And oftentimes, the items we believe we need to pack can be found in the city or country we are visiting.

Do not let overthinking take over your packing process. It is time to get into minimalist packing and save yourself from additional weight.

4. Bringing valuable jewelry

When packing, you should ask yourself, “do I really need this item?”

One thing that I have learned from a jeweler herself is to not bring any jewelry that is highly valuable. You probably will not forgive yourself if you lose it during any of your trips. But if you really want to wear something fancy during a trip, what you can do is to bring a decoy instead. No one would even know they are decoys.

Do not beat yourself into looking posh if you are endangering these items or worse, your life.

5. Improperly packed toiletries

You do not want to experience the horror of opening your suitcase only to find out that all your toiletries messed up most of your clothes and your valuables.

Essentials like shampoo, lotion, and conditioner can leak, that is a given. If you do not store it properly, assume the worst that could happen.

There are special bags and containers for these items so you do not have an excuse not to pack them safely.

6. Packing prohibited items

Packing prohibited items will not only cause you stress, but it will also cost you time, effort, and money since you have to deal with check-in counter attendants arguing with the items inside your luggage. The same thing goes for the staff at the boarding gate lecturing you about items that are not allowed on board.

It could even cause you embarrassment at the security checkpoints.

If you do not want any of these to happen, make sure that you check the TSA list of prohibited items and board your plane without a hitch.

7. Wasting bag space

There is no need for you to bring a huge suitcase if you are only traveling for a couple of days. What would you need those extra bag space for?

A real master of packing knows how to maximize the space inside their bags and being able to bring all that they need without overpacking.

You have to understand that even in packing, there is a purpose for everything and we should not shrug it off just cause we feel like packing is a superficial part of a trip.

Packing is everything we need to survive an entire adventure! You would not want to take it for granted, believe me.

If you are guilty of any of these mistakes, do not you think it is about time to change your ways and be a more responsible packer from now on?