Tourist Destinations In Europe

Amsterdam’s tourist industry has grown exponentially over the last 15 years.  In that time the city’s holiday and tour companies have expanded a diversified the holiday products they offer.  Visitors to Amsterdam can sample holiday activities that vary from tickets to the famous Rijksmuseum to an Amsterdam belly dancing workshop.

What is it that makes Amsterdam so appealing?

We’re checking out some of Amsterdam’s most appealing features and tourist attractions:

  • Architecture
    Amsterdam is famous for its beautiful buildings and canals, and they don’t fail to disappoint. For those interested in architecture the city is particularly fascinating as the birthplace of the “Amsterdam School” of architecture that has influenced urban development in nations across the globe.  The city centre has been declared a UNESCO world heritage site, and its canal network is now over 300 years old.
  • Culture
    Amsterdam is incredibly culturally diverse, and the city’s community has been heavily influenced by waves of immigration over the past millennia. Amsterdam boasts Iberian, Italian and Moroccan influences, to name just a few.  This gives the city a fascinating and unique culture, distinct from that of the rest of the Netherlands.  It has also inspired an incredible variety of holiday activities such as the Amsterdam Belly Dancing Workshop.
  • Workshops
    Workshops are one of the most popular holiday activities offered in Amsterdam. Workshops like the Amsterdam belly dancing workshop operate 7 days a week, and have impressive attendance rates.  Classes are offered on a huge variety of subjects and fields of interest, from bike building to live art classes.
  • Nightlife
    Amsterdam is becoming increasingly well known for its vibrant nightlife. The city has an impressive selection of clubs that are considered European trend setters, as well as an impressive collection of craft breweries.  For those less interested in partying and more interested in the cultural and historical aspects of alcohol, there are several enchanting proeflokaals (tasting houses) that serve unique Dutch liqueurs.
  • Museums
    Amsterdam has an awe inspiring selection of museums. The city has had an incredible impact on world history, in particular owing to its relationship with the Dutch East India Company.

In addition, Amsterdam has been the home of some of the most popular and important artists of the last 400 years – the result are a huge proliferation of museums, open houses and information centres.  Amsterdam has more museums per square metre than any other city in the world – whatever it is about the city’s history that interests you, there is almost certainly some kind of exhibition on it.

It’s apparent from the wide variety of activities here that it is the diversity of Amsterdam’s tourist industry that makes it such a popular destination for tourists.