Traveling Light

Whether it is a trip to the Burj or if you plan to walk your way in the local markets of Bangkok trying the lavish food variety, there are ways you can use to make your travel as light as possible. Thomas N Salzano, a travel lover suggests that handling heavy baggage during the journey can prove to be a hectic task. Packing your luggage smartly is one hack that every traveler should be acquainted with. Roaming around with a travel bag that is full of items that you will probably not use before, during, or even after the trip is a complete waste of time. So, why make your travel bag heavy when you can keep it light and enjoy the journey?

Walking around with a suitcase that is full of “maybe items” will only make the journey uneasy, awkward, and tiresome. However, simply keeping the backpack light will not end the challenge. For many people determining what to pack and leave behind alone can become a tricky task.

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If you are the “pack-it-all” kind of traveler and you always have to pay extra luggage fees because of excessive items, then the below-mentioned backpacking hacks will definitely help you in making it a comfortable travel experience. Continue reading to know more about how to pack your stuff and keep your suitcase light.

Want To Travel Light? Follow the below-mentioned tips By Thomas N Salzano

Use smaller suitcases

The logic behind carrying a smaller suitcase is that you won’t be intrigued to pack more items hence keeping the baggage light ad easy to carry. You will automatically pack only those items that are important during the journey. This way, you will not have any extra space left in the suitcase. If you are planning and are looking for the most ideal backpack, then make sure that it is something light and durable.

Fill-up usable suitcase space

Ever wondered or paid attention to the fact how simply shoving the baggage creates that little extra space for more stuff to pack? A little effort will definitely help you in carving some extra space in the backpack and keep it lightweight. Don’t cram it all up, pack systematically and fill up the leftover space with small pieces of clothing.

Use compression folders and pockets

Many new travelers are not aware of the aforementioned terms. Well, compression folders and pockets can really help you pack in a systematic manner save a lot of space in the suitcase. These are ideal for packing stuff such as shoes, small clothing, and toiletries.

Wear heavy clothing when flying

Try and wear the heaviest clothing article that you plan to carry in the flight. For example, it could be your bulky shoes, jackets, coats, pants, etc. If you think that your luggage will exceed the weight limit, you can try this hack and keep your backpack light.

Pack only the must-have items

This is a pro tip that many travelers ignore. You should pack only those items that you absolutely require on your travel adventure. Refrain from over-packing to avoid making the luggage heavy.

Thomas N Salzano says that even if you plan to travel long-term, you can keep your backpack light and make it a very comfortable travel experience for yourself. You can make use of convertible clothes for minimal clothes packing. If you’re traveling in winters, then you can wear your heavy clothing and pack the lighter layers of clothing. Another travel-hack is to mail some clothes and essential items to the next destination that you will be traveling to. You can receive the parcel on reaching the destination keeping the backpack light.