Best Beaches

You can go to the biggest beaches in Thailand to get some warmth in this winter season. Phuket will be the best destination for you. You have more than 30 beaches in Phuket. You will get cleanliness, clear water and lots of fun activities there. There is no sign of boredom in this destination. The people there are wonderful with their innocent techniques to sell the local hand made products to you. Every year many tourists come from all over the world to Phuket beaches to enjoy the sun bath and paragliding. You may not have time to go to every beach but you must see the popular ones:

Kata beach: this is an awesome beach, soft skin coloured sand perfect for lay down and relaxing. You have good natural views there, tall palm trees and clean sea water. There is also snorkelling and surfing organised seasonally. The vendors there mostly sell juices and local fruits; you will never go hungry in having fun there.

Freedom beach: This is another great beach of the island, you will get very clean and sound atmosphere there. This beach also contains some restaurants and bars, there are chairs available for you. You can sit relaxed; hear the sound of the waves. It’s a bit tricky to get there but this prevents the freedom beach from getting over crowded.

Ya nui beach: It is an L shaped small beach. You will find this place very romantic. If you are lucky couples on trip to Thailand then you must visit this beach. The scenery will definitely strike your mind and also the view of wind mill making it extra beautiful. You can click some cool photos there. This beach also contains rocks at places. Snorkelling at this beach is most popular.