Finding a location for a holiday is not an easy task. You got to consider the place and the things you can do and whether your family would like it. However, if you happen to have Marmaris in mind, rest assured the entire family would be eager to join you. Yes, the Turquoise Coast of Turkey with its never ending list of interests and activities is the best place to visit for a family vacation. Please visit for more information.

Enjoy the beach life at Marmaris

The best thing about Marmaris is its beach life as any seasoned traveler would tell you. It’s the beach that attracts tourists from all over the world to Marmaris. A long and narrow beach guards Marmaris all along. Made from pebbles and volcanic sand, it overlooks the turquoise sea and welcomes all the visitors with its enchanting views. You will find sunbeds to lie down on, if you insist on resting your body. Treat yourself to beer and local food from the cafes that line the beach. Grab your favorite book and you would know what most people mean when they say soulful vacation.

Are you ready now for some action? Let’s check out the excursions and tours you can take in Marmaris.

A trip to Dalyan

A day trip to Dalyan can be a rewarding experience considering the things you can do and see. You would go to Dalyan in a boat that has sunlounges to lay and enjoy the sea. There would be intermittent stops to allow you to swim in the sea. Lunch is served on board which is simple but delicious. The Marmaris to Dalyan Boat Trip would take you to Turtle beach. It is neat and clean and just right for swimming.

The most exciting part of the tour is the mud bath which everybody enjoys very much. You get to bath in mud and play with it and later on wash off and take a plunge in the hot spring. Needless to say, the entire trip gives you ample opportunity to enjoy the sea and lovely views.

People also enjoy the tombs which are carved on the cliffs. They are massive and awe-inspiring, a real treat to the eyes.

Some boat trips include Turkish music and dance to entertain the guests. You can also lie down on the cushion and watch the setting sun as the boat takes you back to Marmaris.

Day trip to Rhodes

You can also head to Rhodes on a day trip. It would be a nice experience to witness Roman architecture at its best. The amphitheater is quite impressive and so is the citadel.

There are plenty of day trips and excursions that you can go for in Marmaris. Your family and kids would love them as they are entertaining and very relaxing.

Here is is the full list of the “ Things to do in Marmaris. “ we hope it will help you to have a wonderful holiday in Marmaris