Vacation In Thailand

If you plan to vacation abroad with relatives or closest friends, it can be an alternative tourist destination that you must visit.

Why? Because the White Elephant Country is a tourist destination that is located not far from Indonesia and the costs you spend are not too expensive. In addition, you can also find various hotels in Bangkok with various facilities.

Vacationing in Thailand, especially Bangkok, will provide an interesting experience when you choose the location as a tourist destination. Here are some reasons why you should visit Thailand at least once in your life.

Reasons To Choose Thailand As A Tourist Destination

1. Cheap Travel Cost

Travelers who are only on a limited budget, may be worried that they will not be able to explore the many tourist attractions in the country. However, that will not happen in Thailand.

Not only transportation modes such as low airline fees, but the cost of living in Thailand is also relatively cheap, as in Indonesia. In addition, you also get hotel accommodation services which are also relatively cheap.

2. Suitable for backpackers

With cheap accommodation and lodging costs, Thailand is visited by many backpackers. This makes backpackers visiting Thailand experience an increase from 2015 to 2018.

During that time, backpackers in Thailand experienced an increase of up to 87 percent. Thailand also offers many destinations that are suitable for backpackers, such as street food and night markets that are interesting to visit.

3. Diverse and Delicious Street Food

Traveling in Thailand is incomplete if you haven’t tasted the various street foods in the country. Because authentic food in an area on the side of the road or traditional market is cheap and has many choices.

With a low price, you will get a new sensation on your tongue. One of the popular ones is eating fried insects. You can find this extreme snack in almost every night market in Thailand.

At the night market, there are lots of vendors selling insects, scorpions, sago caterpillars, red ant eggs, cockroaches, tarantulas to silk worms that are ready to be eaten. Besides insects, you also have to taste the mango sticky rice and Thai Tea which are made directly in Thailand.

4. Unique Festival

In addition to tourism, Thailand also has a variety of interesting festivals that can attract the attention of foreign tourists visiting the country. One of the most popular festivals in Thailand is the Songkran festival.

This festival is regularly held every April 13-15 every year. The Songkran Festival which is held for three consecutive days is believed to be able to eliminate bad luck in the coming year.

Not only Songkran, but the cultural festival that must be followed when visiting Thailand is also the Bun Bang Fai rocket festival. Bun Bang Fai is an annual festival held every May in the northeastern region of Thailand, specifically in Yasothon Province.

Bun Bang Fai is a festival held as a request to a god who is believed to bring rain. The rain can irrigate rice fields and plantations in Thailand.

5. Tuk-Tuk

Thailand is famous for its culinary tourism. However, you also have to try the transportation available in Thailand. One of them is the Tuk Tuk, typical Thai transportation that only exists in the White Elephant Country.

Tuk-Tuk is very easy to get in Thailand and is usually used by tourists to visit tourist shopping centers. There is something unique when you ride a tuk-tuk, the driver will usually take passengers to places they don’t want.

That is the mode of the tuk-tuk drivers. Because previously they had collaborated with several tourist attractions and tourist shop businessmen to bring these tourists.

There are many other reasons that you can use as an excuse to visit Thailand, such as the uniqueness of the existing temples or temples to the lively Cabaret performance.

You can find various hotels at affordable prices but have interesting facilities while on vacation in this country. One of the hotels that you can visit is the Livotel Hotel in Bangkok. Don’t forget to book this hotel with the Traveloka application before going on vacation!