Tanning Bed

Sunless tanning technology has paved the way for new applications of sunless tanning and other infrared light skin treatments. Given the numerous skin advantages of sunless tanning, the number of UV tanning salons near me that provide spray tanning services has increased.

Using a tanning bed for the first time might be bewildering for anyone. While some people are concerned about not doing enough pre-tan preparations, others are curious about the optimal resting posture on a spray tan bed. Maintaining an optimal posture inside a tanning booth can considerably boost the procedure’s efficiency.

Remember Ross in Friends, who accidentally got 8 layers of tan, but only on one side? Nobody wants that in real life.

Tanning experts and beauty specialists suggest that one should lay on the tanning bed or stand in front of the spray tan applicator in a certain way to avoid tan lines or patchiness. This blog has covered some essential aspects to know when using a tanning bed.

How to position yourself on a tanning bed?

Nobody likes patchy or streaky tan. A majority of the population doesn’t opt for tanning because they fear streaks or uneven tan patches. On the other hand, most tanners are skeptical about the longevity of their tan. They fear that their tan will wash off even before their vacation ends.

While we have come a long way in innovating effective tanning methods, there are certain aspects to using these technologies for better tan results. No doubt indoor tanning beds are easy and convenient; one should know how to position themselves on the bed to ensure proper coverage and even tanning.

Here are some tips for using an indoor tanning bed to ensure you don’t end up with uneven tan patches or streaks.

  1. Lying Position on Stomach:

Most people don’t like lying on their stomachs when getting a tan. However, if you know how to position yourself, you can ensure proper tan coverage and no discomfort. Make sure that you lie flat on your belly. This will leave no room for creases on your back.

Use your hands as a pillow and rest your chin on the folded arms. This will expose the neck area, allowing the infrared rays to reach and leave an even tan. This is also ideal for tanning your forearms and wrists.

When lying on your stomach, your feet should be properly positioned. Shift your weight onto your toes and lift them. Keeping your toes lifted will allow the infrared rays to reach the feet, knees, and thighs.

It’s not easy to lie on the belly for too long. However, wiggling around can ruin your tan. So, try to remain as still as possible.

  1. Lying Position on Your Back:

Compared to lying on the stomach, lying on the back is a much more relaxing and ideal position. However, this position doesn’t allow the infrared rays to evenly cover the entire body.

But these tips will help you get the most out of your indoor tanning experience at spray tan Chesapeake VA salon.

Here is what you should do.

Lie flat on your back. This will ensure there are no creases or tan lines on your back. Once you are on your back, raise your knees.

Rest your feet onto your heels to allow your sole to get the tan solution.