smokehouse restaurant

Whether it’s a braised, slow roasted or smoked to a mouthwatering flawlessness then meat works. Vegetarians and seafood lovers will definitely be impressed by menus. But these mouthwatering foods are not enough to earn a good income in smokehouse restaurant. The food should be accompanied by some great ideas to promote the business. These ideas should be informed of events to attract customers while generating interest in them to pop in. Some ideas can be as follows.

Wine tasting event

In case your smokehouse restaurant serves beverages, having a wine tasting event is a perfect way to attract some additional income. This kind of event requires a lot of planning, time and effort as well. The best days to host this of an event are on a Friday or a Saturday. You may be surprised by the amount of folks who would flock in the restaurant on that day.

For the event to be amazing, you also need to have your expert in wine tasting. You may consider hiring a sommelier as he can offer tips while teaching participants on the right etiquette required in the event. You should make sure that you have perfect glasses occasioned for the events such as narrow goblets needed for white wines, bowled glasses for red wine and flutes for champagne.

Speed dating nights

Speed dating attracts new individuals who are new to that region which implies that it is an opportunity to introduce newbies into restaurants. The bar sales are likely to be from purchases from individuals who need a tip before the kickoff of events. You need to be sure that you have enough stock or drinks as it would help to single mingles to ease nerves. You may partner with a local dating service, or you may opt to run the activity on your and hire an MC.

Live music

Majority of individuals love live bands while enjoying themselves with roasted meat. This is more attractive when you hire a local musician as this is also an option of supporting local talents. Look for local musicians who are looking for the next music concert at least twice a week while you might consider bringing the same band every time, a new band usually come with new customers making the event to be colorful.

TV theme nights

People love TV more than they do anything in this world. You can, therefore, use this as an advantage to attract more customers. Some smokehouse restaurant grand opening promotion ideas have hosted a five-course game of thrones feast aiming at celebrating the shows released on DVD. Due to an increase in participation, you stand a better chance of introducing new foods to understand if it would boost the restaurant revenues.

Final thought

For a hotel full of incredible events you check more info on their website You will likely be amazed by the menu as well as the event hosted in the restaurant.