take your cats when you're on holiday

When we think of buying or adopting a cat, sometimes we do not realise that we go on vacation or trips away from time to time, even if it is just a weekend. We will have to think about the best place to leave our pet. For this reason, in this article, we will point out the possible options that pet owners should leave when traveling for any reason. They are the following:

– Cattery: they are one of the best places to leave the pet during that time. It may look like a hotel, but for cats. It may be expensive, but the people who work here are experts in caring for and handling any type of emergency that may arise at any time.

– House: you can leave cats at home; they are fairly good at looking after themselves. If you’re not going away for too long, you could consider some of these recommendations:

  1. Give a key to a friend: you can instruct a well-known person who visits each day to feed your cat, also to pour water and clean the kitty litter. This guarantees that you have all the supplies and some social interaction.
  2. Leave the necessary food: if you are only leaving for a couple of days, you may be able to get away with leaving food and water outside for them. There are covered food containers that take a lot of dry cat food and the cats paw at the bottom to get the cat biscuits out; so they are able to get it out as they need it.
  3. Keep your cat as busy as possible: if they being left inside, you should have toys nearby, also cat scratching poles, so that there are no problems with scratching the furniture.
  4. Take care of hygiene: the litter box must remain clean and fresh at all times. The person who takes care of him during this time has to make sure that it stays clean, so they cat will use it.
  5. Secure your house: before leaving you must make sure there are no problems at the entrance and exit doors so that the cat does not escape.

– Friend’s House: a neighbour’s house is another option and, at first, it may seem like a good idea, but it depends on if your cats are comfortable going to go to a new place with new people too. You don’t want them to feel abandoned by your usual owner. With this, you will have to spend a period of adaptation, something that will also happen when you return to your usual home.

The benefits and drawbacks of different options will vary according to different standards and perspectives.

A cattery will have the best professional experts to provide a good level of care, cleaning, and hygiene consistent for the welfare of your cat. It is the top option if you want top care for your cat and you want a place you can trust that your cat won’t get forgotten, run away, get into fights or get sick.