Holidays In Turkish

From the beautiful beaches to vibrant cities, Turkey comes out as one of the top tourist destinations in Europe. This beautiful country has a lot to offer, ranging from stunning coastlines to vibrant cities with ancient wonders from past civilizations. While the whole country is virtually covered by public transport, the best way to fully enjoy this amazing coastal landscape is by boarding a traditional gulet.

Gulet cruises allows you to reach even those secluded bays that are not accessible by land. In fact, you will find it cheaper to hire a gulet compared to booking a cabin charter. Gulet Cabin charters are great for couples and single travellers. You will be travelling with others in a shared gulet for an one week itinerary.

If you have your family or friends, work colleagues holidaying together renting an entire gulet cruise is more cheaper and it will be tailored for your needs, Why I say like this is if you hire an entire gulet, lets say price of 7000€ per week and if you have 8 people and each of you will pay like 875€. So the gulet will be yours and surrounded by your people and charter! !!

We have amazing itineraries tailored for cruising in Turkish coasts. Private bays to swim, Picture square villages, onboard water sports equipment and many more. Cruising on a gulet helps you experience the culture, traditions, and world-class onboard cuisines of Turkey in a most truly amazing way. This is because each and every gulet cruise is luxurious and personalized to suit your tastes and preferences in order to help you get the most of your cruise.

If you have never boarded a Turkish gulet, well known as blue cruise, you will be very surprised on your very first adventure. Unlike cruising on ordinary boats, Gulets are similar to yachts. You will have a very unique cruising experience with crew onboard, type of gulet cruise you are in, and the time of the year you are traveling in. In addition, the gulets come in various designs, decors, level of comforts, and size with most vessels having a length of 25 to 36 meters. So planning this unique gulet cruise holiday is easy with us. Wonder gulets Group are doing this for more than 20 years now send us request with your idea and our cruising experts will contact you via email with all the details.

Whether it is your first or tenth time visiting Turkey and cruising on a gulet will always give you lots of new experiences and memories to take back home.