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Where to take your cats when you’re on holiday

When we think of buying or adopting a cat, sometimes we do not realise that we go on vacation or trips away from time to time, even if it is just a weekend. We will have to think about the best place to leave our pet. For this reason, in this article, we will point out the possible options that pet owners should leave when traveling for any reason. They are the following:

– Cattery: they are one of the best places to leave the pet during that time. It may look like a hotel, but for cats. It may be expensive, but the people who work here are experts in caring for and handling any type of emergency that may arise at any time.

– House: you can leave cats at home; they are fairly good at looking after themselves. If you’re not going away for too long, you could consider some of these recommendations:

  1. Give a key to a friend: you can instruct a well-known person who visits each day to feed your cat, also to pour water and clean the kitty litter. This guarantees that you have all the supplies and some social interaction.
  2. Leave the necessary food: if you are only leaving for a couple of days, you may be able to get away with leaving food and water outside for them. There are covered food containers that take a lot of dry cat food and the cats paw at the bottom to get the cat biscuits out; so they are able to get it out as they need it.
  3. Keep your cat as busy as possible: if they being left inside, you should have toys nearby, also cat scratching poles, so that there are no problems with scratching the furniture.
  4. Take care of hygiene: the litter box must remain clean and fresh at all times. The person who takes care of him during this time has to make sure that it stays clean, so they cat will use it.
  5. Secure your house: before leaving you must make sure there are no problems at the entrance and exit doors so that the cat does not escape.

– Friend’s House: a neighbour’s house is another option and, at first, it may seem like a good idea, but it depends on if your cats are comfortable going to go to a new place with new people too. You don’t want them to feel abandoned by your usual owner. With this, you will have to spend a period of adaptation, something that will also happen when you return to your usual home.

The benefits and drawbacks of different options will vary according to different standards and perspectives.

A cattery will have the best professional experts to provide a good level of care, cleaning, and hygiene consistent for the welfare of your cat. It is the top option if you want top care for your cat and you want a place you can trust that your cat won’t get forgotten, run away, get into fights or get sick.

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Backpacking Tips by Thomas N Salzano for Traveling Light

Whether it is a trip to the Burj or if you plan to walk your way in the local markets of Bangkok trying the lavish food variety, there are ways you can use to make your travel as light as possible. Thomas N Salzano, a travel lover suggests that handling heavy baggage during the journey can prove to be a hectic task. Packing your luggage smartly is one hack that every traveler should be acquainted with. Roaming around with a travel bag that is full of items that you will probably not use before, during, or even after the trip is a complete waste of time. So, why make your travel bag heavy when you can keep it light and enjoy the journey?

Walking around with a suitcase that is full of “maybe items” will only make the journey uneasy, awkward, and tiresome. However, simply keeping the backpack light will not end the challenge. For many people determining what to pack and leave behind alone can become a tricky task.

To know more about here:

If you are the “pack-it-all” kind of traveler and you always have to pay extra luggage fees because of excessive items, then the below-mentioned backpacking hacks will definitely help you in making it a comfortable travel experience. Continue reading to know more about how to pack your stuff and keep your suitcase light.

Want To Travel Light? Follow the below-mentioned tips By Thomas N Salzano

Use smaller suitcases

The logic behind carrying a smaller suitcase is that you won’t be intrigued to pack more items hence keeping the baggage light ad easy to carry. You will automatically pack only those items that are important during the journey. This way, you will not have any extra space left in the suitcase. If you are planning and are looking for the most ideal backpack, then make sure that it is something light and durable.

Fill-up usable suitcase space

Ever wondered or paid attention to the fact how simply shoving the baggage creates that little extra space for more stuff to pack? A little effort will definitely help you in carving some extra space in the backpack and keep it lightweight. Don’t cram it all up, pack systematically and fill up the leftover space with small pieces of clothing.

Use compression folders and pockets

Many new travelers are not aware of the aforementioned terms. Well, compression folders and pockets can really help you pack in a systematic manner save a lot of space in the suitcase. These are ideal for packing stuff such as shoes, small clothing, and toiletries.

Wear heavy clothing when flying

Try and wear the heaviest clothing article that you plan to carry in the flight. For example, it could be your bulky shoes, jackets, coats, pants, etc. If you think that your luggage will exceed the weight limit, you can try this hack and keep your backpack light.

Pack only the must-have items

This is a pro tip that many travelers ignore. You should pack only those items that you absolutely require on your travel adventure. Refrain from over-packing to avoid making the luggage heavy.

Thomas N Salzano says that even if you plan to travel long-term, you can keep your backpack light and make it a very comfortable travel experience for yourself. You can make use of convertible clothes for minimal clothes packing. If you’re traveling in winters, then you can wear your heavy clothing and pack the lighter layers of clothing. Another travel-hack is to mail some clothes and essential items to the next destination that you will be traveling to. You can receive the parcel on reaching the destination keeping the backpack light.

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Trekking in 2020? Here are 8 Fascinating Trekking Trails That You Should Explore

It’s time to update your bucket list of trails to explore this 2020!

New trails to discover doesn’t mean you have to forget old ways. Remember to always keep your safety a top priority. So, even though we’ve reached the start of a new decade, we still need old-time favorite hiking aids like boots and hiking poles!

We’ve rounded up a couple of hiking trails that you might want to put on your list, including some old favorites and new ones.

1. Inca Trail, Peru

History buffs would definitely love this trail as it lets you go back in time and walk the path of the ancient Sacred Valley of Machu Picchu in Peru.

This part of the world was made by the Incan Empire as the center for their civilization and important settlements back in the day. No wonder, it’s one of the most popular tours in South America.

The hike is composed of three trails, with varying lengths and difficulty. It usually takes 4 days to complete the 25-mile hike with a handful of steep climbs and narrow paths along the Andean mountain. The altitude may also be an issue for you, so you better make sure that you are fit to do this adventure.

But above all, the best part of this hike comes at the end, where you can finally pass the Sun Gate towards the iconic Machu Picchu.

The best time to visit this trail is of course during the dry season which runs from May to October. The only problem you might encounter is the volume of tourists that also want to explore the Inca Trail.

2. Everest Base Camp, Nepal

Since we’ve welcomed another year, I think we’re all ready to take it up a notch when it comes to adventures!

The Everest Base Camp in Nepal is the closest we can get to the actual peak of the highest mountain on Earth. It may not be the actual mountain, but it is still challenging enough to give you the amount of thrill you are looking for.

The Everest Base Camp has a height of 18,193 feet and would need you to take a leave from work a month. The hike itself takes three weeks to complete, and the remaining week is for recuperation as the challenge is not an easy one.

It’s an intense hike, but you will be rewarded with the beautiful sceneries across valleys and mountains.

Take note that it’s best to have a guide all throughout the hike, especially because you need to plan the trail that you will take for the day. There are also acclimation days that you need to consider in order for your body to adjust according to the changing altitude.

The best time to visit is during the fall season between October and November.

3. Indian Himalayas, India

If you want another challenging adventure but a less popular one for the lesser crowd, the Indian Himalayas is a perfect trail for you.

It may be less known compared to the Alps and the Everest, but it is definitely one of the most daring hikes in the world. This trek is notorious for its cliff edges and dizzying heights.

You have to survive the 24-day hike from Spiti to Ladakh for you to be able to truly say that you’ve accomplished hiking the Indian Himalayas.

If this is your first time hiking this mountain, don’t be too ambitious with your itinerary. You need to make sure that you acclimate well and that you have to adapt to the local festivities around the area.

If you happen to encounter some locals, be gracious enough to greet them. They may even have some helpful tips for you.

The best time to take this trail is from late October until May.

4. Snowman Trek, Bhutan

The Snowman Trek in Bhutan has one of the most beautiful treks in the world, but also one of the hardest! Some people even admitted defeat as they were not able to finish the trek because of the crazy unpredictable weather in the higher part of the Himalaya.

Its altitude is the main reason it is considered to be one of the most difficult treks. In fact, there are some that say the Everest was climbed by more people than this one.

Given the challenging altitude, the distance is also one thing to consider. It takes a full month to complete the trail!

Altitude sickness is common among hikers of this trail, so if you feel like giving up because your body can’t take it any longer, it’s fine. Make your health and safety your topmost priority.

You can always come back and complete the trail once you are in a better physical condition.

5. Grand Canyon Rim-to-Rim Hike, USA

You may have gone hiking in one of the smaller trails of the Grand Canyon in Arizona, but since the new year means new challenges, it’s high time to take a more daredevil-ish hike.

The Rim to Rim hike in Grand Canyon is typically considered to be a strenuous backpacking trip that will take around 2 to 3 days of descent and ascent. It’s a 23.5-mile hike, which is not really suitable for a day hike.

You can start from the South Rim going to Bright Angel Campground on Day 1 and then head towards the North Rim on Day 2.

The best months to do the Rim to Rim hike is in May, the end of September, and October.

6. Pacific Crest Trail, USA

The Pacific Crest Trail or PCT is the second longest trail in America since it stretches from Mexico to Canada. The trail goes through California, Oregon, and Washington.

Now, have you seen the movie Wild? Reese Witherspoon played the role of Cheryl Strayed who hiked 1,100 miles of the PCT out of sheer desperation for self-redemption. She completed the hike after 94 days.

Obviously, the PCT is a long commitment hike that will really take you around 4 to 6 months to complete. You may need to pitch a tent in the middle of the wilderness, manage to get your own food if you run out of supplies, and to learn how to be ready for the unpredictable weather.

You may start walking on a hot temperature and then find yourself freezing after a couple of weeks. This hike really needs thorough planning including the permits you have to secure.

7. The Long Range Traverse, Canada

The Long Range Traverse in Canada is one of the most enjoyable trails on the planet, although to be honest, there really is no official trail in this area. It’s more of going around the Gros Morne National Park with a map and compass at hand.

You may bring a GPS if you want but the signal may be tough, so a traditional map fair better in this hike.

The fun part of the Long Range Traverse is your chance to encounter moose, caribou, and black bears. They may look intimidating, but it is really part of the adventure you signed up for. They won’t hurt you as long as you don’t get too close.

Remember, these are still wild animals so anything that triggers them is all your doing.

Before you start the hike, a special location device will be handed to you which you may use in case of emergency. Once you press the button, a helicopter will come to pick you up right away.

8. Overland Track, Australia

The Overland Track in Tasmania is a 50-mile long hike that usually takes 6 days to complete. It is a well-maintained trail from Cradle Mountain to Lake St. Clair.

It’s an easy to moderate hike with the best view of Lake St. Clair, Australia’s deepest natural freshwater lake, and a number of vast forests and mesmerizing waterfalls.

Given the situation in Australia right now where part of Tasmania is also affected by the bushfire, it’s best that you put this on the bottom of your list but keeping it still while we pray for their recovery.

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Tips for Traveling with a Baby or Toddler

Traveling is difficult enough, but as any parent knows, just the thought of facing a long trip with a baby or toddler is daunting. And when that trip is on a plane with innocent bystanders as reluctant witnesses, just the thought is enough to curl your toes. So do you just grit your teeth and push through it, hoping for the best? Or is there a way to prepare, so the trip goes as smoothly as possible for you, your baby, and the innocent bystanders seated around you on the plane?

What are the best tips for travelers with toddlers?

Lay the Groundwork while Still on the Ground

The first step toward a smooth trip with a baby or toddler is to pack, pack, and then pack some more. Remember that when you are traveling with a baby, they are the rock star and the parents are the roadies. You will be lugging the bags around and making sure your little star has everything she could possibly require right at her tiny little fingertips. Your carry-on should contain enough snacks, diapers, wipes, and spare clothes to allow for any possible layovers or delays. Baby formula or pumped breast milk is allowed on flights and only needs to be screened separately through security.

Be sure to book either a direct flight or one with a long layover. Direct flights are best, because landing and takeoffs are hard on your baby’s ears and should be kept to a minimum. However, if you have to have a connecting flight, make sure you have a long enough layover that you won’t find yourself running through the airport holding a screaming baby and dragging your carry-on, car seat, or stroller. This is all the stuff of parents’ nightmares.

Instead, look for a longer layover so you have ample time for a bathroom break, diaper change, a quick meal, and a little time for toddlers to run around and climb airport chairs to work out some baby energy before boarding again.

If you can fit it into your travel budget, buy a seat for your child. While legally you can hold a baby on your lap until age two, on a long flight you and your baby will be much more comfortable with the extra room. The Federal Aviation Administration strongly urges parents to buy a seat for their child and strap them into a car seat for as much of the flight as possible.

Surviving the Flight with a Bag of Tricks

Pre-boarding is paramount when traveling with a baby or toddler. Some parents make the mistake of thinking they should wait until the last minute so their baby is stuck on the plane for the least amount of time, but that leaves you struggling down the narrow aisle with your baby and carry-on bags bumping seated passengers who will be eyeing you and your baby with suspicion, wondering if it’s going to be one of those flights with a screamer.

Instead, take advantage of pre-boarding so that you have time to get yourself and your baby settled before other passengers board.

For very young babies, the time to give a bottle or to breastfeed is during takeoff. This will help to protect your child’s ears from the pressure change. For toddlers, takeoff might be the best time to pull a special treat like a lollipop out of your bag of tricks. Sucking a lollipop will not only protect your toddler’s ears, it will also protect the ears of your fellow passengers from hearing your child’s screams.

With an infant, there isn’t a lot you can do on a flight except keep them fed, dry, and comfortable and hope for the best-case scenario—that the sound of the plane and the motion of travel will help them to sleep for most of the flight.

For toddlers, in-flight entertainment is the key for smooth sailing—or flying. Pack your bag of tricks with plenty of your child’s favorite snacks, including a few treats that you rarely let her have. These you can pull out to bribe or blackmail your child into behaving if a tantrum starts. Be sure you save the really good stuff for your child’s worst moments. You don’t want to give her the goodies right away and then have nothing left to tempt her away from her temper tantrum if one occurs.

Your bag of travel tricks should also be packed with small, age-appropriate travel games, coloring books and crayons, and an iPad, tablet, or phone with some downloaded kid’s shows. Now is not the time to worry about the amount of screen time your child is getting. Those rules—like the limiting refined sugar rules—can be left on the ground when you take off, and picked back up when you reach your destination.

Hotel Hacks for Travelers with Toddlers

Traveling with a baby or toddler isn’t just about having a plan for the journey, you also need a plan for the destination. This means ensuring that you have a good experience in your hotel or B&B. If you are in a single hotel room, ask for one with a large bathroom so you can fit a travel crib or pack and play in the bathroom.

Unless you bedshare or room share at home, you won’t want to start bed or room sharing on a trip, because a major change like that is likely to result in a sleepless night and a bad start to your vacation. Putting your baby or toddler down in a separate space will allow everyone a better night’s sleep. If your child is used to a dark room, a bathroom is ideal because typically there are no windows. If she normally uses a nightlight, be sure to pack one. The bathroom fan also makes great white noise to soothe a fussy baby to sleep.

Most hotels have small travel cribs available if you don’t want to have to check one with your baggage. However, if you go this route be sure to bring along a travel can of the best bed bug spray you can find and spray your baby’s belongings before packing for home. You should also spray your own things and your suitcases before checking out of the hotel. There are safe, natural bed bug sprays available in travel-sized cans that are ideal for protection against unwanted creepy crawly stowaways making their way into your home.

Be sure to bring along any special blanket, pillow, or “lovie” that your child needs for sleeping.

Hotel rooms and B&B’s should also be baby-proofed as much as possible to avoid any accidents or injuries ruining your trip (or your life).

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Must-See Museums In Vatican City

Vatican city an independent state of Rome Italy is full of astonishing views with unique architecture and craftsmanship. Not only the state is known for the distinguish building but the city is full of historical aspects. People of a Vatican city have preserved their cultural heritage, religious monuments and art crafts in museums. While visiting the place you will find different museums. Although all are best their own and if you have time you should visit all, travel right but these must-see museum in the state that will make your trip memorable are


Pinacoteca museum the 18 rooms building contain the cultural things from the medieval age to the 19th century. It is the perfect place for those who have love with paintings. While visiting the museum you will find all the paintings are displayed in chronological order. You will find many paintings by Pope pies XI and other Pops. The best thing about the museum is that you will find the display from the Congress of Vienna that was held in 1815. The museum contains about 460 paintings that are craftsmanship of the famous painters: Giotto, Leonardo da Vinci, Raphael, il Perugino, and Caravaggio.

Gregorian Egyptian museum

The Geographical Egyptian museum is full of antique collection. For those who are inspired by antiques then they should not forget to visit this place. The 9-room museum was founded by Pope Gregorius XVI in 1839. In the museum, you will find crafts from Egyptian, villa Adriana, Mesopotamia, and Assyria. The main attraction of the museum is Egyptian mummies.

Gallery of Geographic map

While moving to Vatican city towards the Sistine Chapel you will find here the building of geographic map gallery. It is an awesome place to visit for those who like to study a map and have an interest in geography. You will find a series of topographic maps. The cool and fascinating environment of the museum has map paintings on the walls. It clearly defines the division of Italy between two apennines. The museum also keeps the perspective views of Venice, Ancona, Genoa and last but not least the Port of Civitavecchia.

Raphael’s room

Another attractive museum in the state that will win your heart and make your day awesome is the Raphael’s room museum. If we study the history of the museum it was the part of the private apartment of Pope Julius II. The rooms were painted in such a way that they represent the Rome culture. After the death of the Pop, the rooms were opened for the public and displayed various paintings to memorize the ancient culture and art. You will find the Disputation of the Holy Sacrament (Theology), The School of Athens (Philosophy), The Parnassus (Poetry) and The Cardinal Virtues (Law) in the most famous room of the museum that is known as Stanza Della Segnatura.

If you are planning to visit a Vatican city and wish to go to museums then it’s better to take guided tours so that the guide will help you the understanding culture and meaning of each craft placed in a museum.

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Red River Inn & Suites Fargo, ND

At A Glance:

Feel the serene neighborhood and the comfort of a home during your stay at Red River Inn & Suites. All 100 guestrooms offer comforts like pillow top beds and premium bedding for a relaxing sleep, amenities for your convenience such as mini bar, LCD TV with premium cable and complimentary WiFi internet access. Rooms features modern function such as climate-control.

Reserve your hotel room at Red River Inn & Suites Fargo with

You Should Know:

  • Complimentary breakfast buffet
  • Free WiFi internet access
  • Free self-parking on-site
  • Quench your thirst in the on-site bar/lounge
  • Fully equipped fitness center for your daily workout
  • 24-hour business center with copy and fax services
  • Complimentary coffee and tea in the lobby
  • ATM banking services available on-site
  • Self-service laundry
  • Free newspaper in the laundry

In and Around:

  • Shop in wide array of boutique choices at West Acres Mall
  • Have fun with the whole family at the Red River Zoo
  • North Dakota State University is a few minutes away
  • Check out the Fargodome
  • Sanford Medical Center is also within proximity
  • Hector International Airport- Fargo is also nearby

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7 Packing Mistakes Most Travelers are Guilty Of

Overpacking, underpacking, panic-packing—these are just some of the common mistakes that we often find ourselves stuck in before our departure date.

It gets tiring sometimes to be under such a situation every time there is a trip. Should not we all learn from the first time we did any of the packing mistakes known to mankind?

And just when you thought overpacking is the worst of them all, there are more mistakes that do not show their faces until you experience it for yourself.

Here are some of them:

1. Last-minute packing

Most of us are guilty of this one.

Last-minute packing is a dangerous habit! It can cause you stress and you would probably leave some items behind.

If you want a relaxed and stress-free trip, I highly suggest you avoid this one. Do not be a procrastinator.

You should be able to pack while you still have an ample amount of time on your schedule to think about the items you need to bring. Otherwise, you are just going to stress yourself out.

2. Doubled-up suitcases

Do not you just love it if you are traveling and at least one of your hands is free to hold your passport or your boarding pass, or do just about anything? Well, we often snatch that freedom away when we decide to bring a handful of bags with us.

Imagine walking around the airport with a backpack, a duffle bag, a handbag, and a tote bag. I mean, do not you feel tired carrying around all those with little to no room for easy movements?

The answer to this problem is a suitcase with wheels and a backpack that can serve as your carry-on luggage. A carry-on is essentially helpful if you have layovers.

3. Packing “just in case” stuff

This is a common mistake especially if anxiety gets the best of you.

It is a forceful habit of nature to pack “just in case” items and as much as we want to kill this one, we cannot blame ourselves for wanting to be on the safe side rather than regret not packing certain items especially on emergency cases.

But tell you what, these cases do not happen most of the time. And oftentimes, the items we believe we need to pack can be found in the city or country we are visiting.

Do not let overthinking take over your packing process. It is time to get into minimalist packing and save yourself from additional weight.

4. Bringing valuable jewelry

When packing, you should ask yourself, “do I really need this item?”

One thing that I have learned from a jeweler herself is to not bring any jewelry that is highly valuable. You probably will not forgive yourself if you lose it during any of your trips. But if you really want to wear something fancy during a trip, what you can do is to bring a decoy instead. No one would even know they are decoys.

Do not beat yourself into looking posh if you are endangering these items or worse, your life.

5. Improperly packed toiletries

You do not want to experience the horror of opening your suitcase only to find out that all your toiletries messed up most of your clothes and your valuables.

Essentials like shampoo, lotion, and conditioner can leak, that is a given. If you do not store it properly, assume the worst that could happen.

There are special bags and containers for these items so you do not have an excuse not to pack them safely.

6. Packing prohibited items

Packing prohibited items will not only cause you stress, but it will also cost you time, effort, and money since you have to deal with check-in counter attendants arguing with the items inside your luggage. The same thing goes for the staff at the boarding gate lecturing you about items that are not allowed on board.

It could even cause you embarrassment at the security checkpoints.

If you do not want any of these to happen, make sure that you check the TSA list of prohibited items and board your plane without a hitch.

7. Wasting bag space

There is no need for you to bring a huge suitcase if you are only traveling for a couple of days. What would you need those extra bag space for?

A real master of packing knows how to maximize the space inside their bags and being able to bring all that they need without overpacking.

You have to understand that even in packing, there is a purpose for everything and we should not shrug it off just cause we feel like packing is a superficial part of a trip.

Packing is everything we need to survive an entire adventure! You would not want to take it for granted, believe me.

If you are guilty of any of these mistakes, do not you think it is about time to change your ways and be a more responsible packer from now on?

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Exciting Things To Do In Marmaris

Finding a location for a holiday is not an easy task. You got to consider the place and the things you can do and whether your family would like it. However, if you happen to have Marmaris in mind, rest assured the entire family would be eager to join you. Yes, the Turquoise Coast of Turkey with its never ending list of interests and activities is the best place to visit for a family vacation. Please visit for more information.

Enjoy the beach life at Marmaris

The best thing about Marmaris is its beach life as any seasoned traveler would tell you. It’s the beach that attracts tourists from all over the world to Marmaris. A long and narrow beach guards Marmaris all along. Made from pebbles and volcanic sand, it overlooks the turquoise sea and welcomes all the visitors with its enchanting views. You will find sunbeds to lie down on, if you insist on resting your body. Treat yourself to beer and local food from the cafes that line the beach. Grab your favorite book and you would know what most people mean when they say soulful vacation.

Are you ready now for some action? Let’s check out the excursions and tours you can take in Marmaris.

A trip to Dalyan

A day trip to Dalyan can be a rewarding experience considering the things you can do and see. You would go to Dalyan in a boat that has sunlounges to lay and enjoy the sea. There would be intermittent stops to allow you to swim in the sea. Lunch is served on board which is simple but delicious. The Marmaris to Dalyan Boat Trip would take you to Turtle beach. It is neat and clean and just right for swimming.

The most exciting part of the tour is the mud bath which everybody enjoys very much. You get to bath in mud and play with it and later on wash off and take a plunge in the hot spring. Needless to say, the entire trip gives you ample opportunity to enjoy the sea and lovely views.

People also enjoy the tombs which are carved on the cliffs. They are massive and awe-inspiring, a real treat to the eyes.

Some boat trips include Turkish music and dance to entertain the guests. You can also lie down on the cushion and watch the setting sun as the boat takes you back to Marmaris.

Day trip to Rhodes

You can also head to Rhodes on a day trip. It would be a nice experience to witness Roman architecture at its best. The amphitheater is quite impressive and so is the citadel.

There are plenty of day trips and excursions that you can go for in Marmaris. Your family and kids would love them as they are entertaining and very relaxing.

Here is is the full list of the “ Things to do in Marmaris. “ we hope it will help you to have a wonderful holiday in Marmaris

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Egyptian Resort And City Port Ghalib

Egypt is a реrfесt place for those who are highly interested in discovering real picture of nature. As this amazing place comes in the lіѕt оf оldеѕt vасаtіоn spots it offers some of the unique and exciting traveling opportunities with some of the dіѕtіnсt mоnumеntѕ. Despite of having hot environment this attracts millions of tourists every year. Egypt is fully equipped with visual beauty and exciting beach activities to make your holiday memorable.

Port Ghalib is merely ten mіnutеѕ аwау from Marsa Alam airport and it is a place with huge aspirations. Found on the Red Sea in Southern Egypt, the plan is to build a world class integrated resort community. The centre piece of Port Ghalib will be the harbor that will be equipped to handle over 1,000 vessels. It is also well known to scuba divers who travel here to catch their live boards that set out from Port Ghalib and Emperor Divers operate from the Egypt Marina Lodge at amongst the leading hotel/diving setups you can hope to find anywhere on earth.

Egypt Marina is one of the most exclusive beaches on the Mediterranean coast. Lосаtеd wеѕt of Alexandria, Egypt Marina has garnered a reputation for attracting the Egyptian elite and offers several private beaches where well-off Egyptians spend their holidays. Although Marina has traditionally catered to predominantly Egyptian tourists, the area is beginning to open up to foreign visitors and is likely to begin attracting more and more of them.

For scuba divers, any of the resorts are fine but the Egypt Marina Lodge at Port Ghalib has the best setup for divers. The dive centre is located at the hotel and there are plenty of excellent dive sites in easy reach оf the day boats. More іmроrtаntlу, it is nowhere near as busy as places like Sharm.

For divers with a non-diving family, the Hilton in Nuweiba is a perfect choice. The diving here is mainly shore based which means you don’t have to be away from the family all day which is what happens on day boats.

For golfers, the range of options is growing all the time but the best value is found at Taba Heights. From the fairways, you look down at the sea and 3 different countries are visible; Egypt, Israel and Jordan. Taba is also ideal for those who want to pop over to experience the Israeli resort of Eilat.

For those looking for a quiet relaxing break, El Quseir is probably one of the quietest. The excellent self contained hotels mean you can spend your holiday between your room, dining areas, thе bеасh and pool. El Quseir is on a stretch of coast with a number of quiet resorts including Soma Bay, Safaga, Makadi Bay and El Gouna.

For non-divers, an array of aquatic sports is available or you’re able to merely ѕреnd the day’s sun bathing. Excursions are also available to Luxor, Cairo, the age-old town of Quseir or even a camel trading market.

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A Misconception That Needs To Be Eradicated

Mostly when people contemplate taking a trip to Dubai and you ask them what they are looking forward to, the reply that you get is shopping. The popularity that the place holds as a shopping hub is well known all over the world. However, many people have the misconception that this is the sole activity that the place has to offer.

The truth is that Dubai is among the most appealing family holiday destinations that you can think of. It is the kind of place that has a ton of interesting activities to indulge in. It is the place that does not allow boredom to creep in during your trip. It has all sorts of interesting activities to occupy you and you will not find yourself facing a dearth of options.

For instance, Dubaidesertsafari are rather famous. If you have plenty of time on your hands, you can opt for a whole day in the desert, enjoy the sunrise, watch the sunset, lie beneath the stars and so on. You can enjoy the silence and beauty of the deserts and marvel at the sand dunes. Dune bashing is also an option. You can also avail the opportunity of enjoying belly dancing shows. If you are on a short trip and cannot take out a whole day for the purpose, you can always go for a specific time period.

This is not the sole attraction that Dubai has to offer you apart from shopping. If you are looking to make the trip a little educational or if you are someone who is interested in history, there are different historical areas for you to explore. Thus, when you plan a trip to Dubai, keep in mind that there are a lot of things for you to do. Do not miss out on any of the fun activities.