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Top 6 Indian destinations to enjoy your workation

Workation means “a working vacation”. It refers to any vacation where you can enjoy your leisure time while meeting the daily deadlines at work. No matter in which sector you work, as days are passing by workload per individual is increasing and vacations are always limited. As per a study, nearly 60% of working professionals don’t prefer to travel during their vacations. They rather choose to chill within a club or be indoors to relax. But a workstation goes against all preconceived notions and helps travellers find a perfect balance between their private and professional life. The concept though pretty new to the Indian audience, but is gaining much popularity with every passing day. So, without any further ado. Let’s take a look at 6 pristine locations within India where you can plan your next workation.


Starting off with one of the most popular tourist attractions in India. Goa is visited by more than 12 million people every year. Famous for its clean sandy beaches, breezy temperate climate, and vacation spirit, the place serves as a great option for workation. Nothing would beat the feeling of lying in the shade of palm trees on a sandy beach while working and soaking in the whole vibe at the same time. Goa has a lot to offer you can opt for beach parties, trekking, camping, sightseeing, and more while meeting up the deadlines simultaneously. But one should be sure to book hotels online before visiting Goa, as getting proper accommodation at the most tourist-intensive place of India is never easy.

Best time to visit Goa:– From November to  Mid-April.


Popularly known as “The city of Lakes”, Udaipur is the crown jewel of Rajasthan tourism. Every year more than 2.5 million tourists visit this great city. Covered from tip to toe with rich history, culture, and pristine natural beauty, Udaipur is enough to melt any tourist’s heart. “Enjoying workation in the royal hospitality of Udaipur”, nothing can beat that experience. Udaipur is star-studded with historical buildings, beautiful lakes, sandy deserts and more. This place between the Aravallis is bound to keep you refreshed as you can enjoy your vacation.

Best time to visit Udaipur:- From October to March.


Workation and Coorg is a magical combination. Imagine sitting on the balcony of your hotel overlooking the lush green hills besides enjoying a sip of strong coffee while working on your laptop. That sounds like a great workation to me! Coorg has a cool climate all-around, which makes it one of the best places in India to visit during any time of the year. The beautiful natural, calm environment and affordable accommodation just add to the charm of Coorg. If you want to visit Coorg be sure to book hotels online to get the best package deal at really affordable prices.

Best time to visit Coorg:– Favorable any time of the year, but most visited from April to Mid-July.


A district located in the southern tip of India near Thiruvananthapuram. Varkala will captivate you with the enchanting beauty of the Arabian sea. This small town located in the southern part of Kerala boasts unparalleled natural beauty, vibrant hippie culture, mouthwatering cuisine, and numerous adventure sports. Varkala is very much the hidden gem of the south and it offers a great workation experience within limited costs. If you want to visit Varkala, book hotels online and enjoy the soul-soothing experience it has to offer.

Best time to visit Varkala:- From October to March.


Also known as the “Queen of Hills”, Darjeeling sits on top of West Bengal like its crown. Located nearly 3000 m above sea level Darjeeling can be an unexpectedly great option for workation. From the pristine beauty of the Himalayas to bustling market places and mouth-watering cuisines, Darjeeling has got it all covered. If you plan on visiting Darjeeling then be sure to arrive there via the Toy Train, a narrow-gauge railway track that travels through some of the most beautiful hilly regions.

Best time to visit Darjeeling:- From April to Mid-June.


Workation and hill station always sound like the best pair. Located on the foothills of the Himalayas in the state of Himachal Pradesh, Dharamshala offers a favourable travelling experience throughout. Decorated with numerous temples, monasteries and other cultural and religious attractions, Dharamshala is a place where you can find your true self. Enjoying a workation at Dharamshala is bound to be a relaxing and chilling experience.

Best time to visit:– Favorable any time of the year, but most visited from March to June.

Hope this list helps you plan your next workation accordingly. With everything getting back to normal once again, it’s high time to make a few travel plans with friends or family ASAP and get rid of the mundane work from home experience without missing the deadlines at work.  

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Top attractions of Polish Lake District – Masuria, by ITS DMC Poland

The whole lowland part of Poland is very rich in natural lakes. Poland owes them to the last ice age and the ice cover. The most famous tourist region with lakes is Masuria, the Polish Lake District. Lakes cover 7% of the whole area. Here we will also find two the biggest Polish lakes Sniardwy and Mamry. Apart from them the region boasts the most famous tourist basins such as: Niegocin, Nidzkie Lake, Ros and Talty. There are 2 700 lakes that are bigger than 1 hectare here. The Lakeland is divided into two administrative districts Warmia and Masuria. The most popular resorts include: Mikołajki, Ruciane Nida, Mrągowo, Pisz, Szczytno, Biskupiec and Lidzbark Warmiński. Below we will present the most interesting tourist spots in this part of Poland by ITS Polish travel agent. So, if you want some sightseeing break during your lakes relax, check the below list. Let’s fasten our seat belts and start the journey just now.

Top 10 Warmia and Masuria attractions by ITS DMC Poland:

  1. Elblag Canal
  2. Lidzbark Warminski Castle
  3. Olsztyn Castle
  4. Ryn Castle
  5. Reszel Castle
  6. Niedzica Castle
  7. Wolf’s Lair
  8. Mamerki
  9. Boyen Fortress
  10. Swieta Lipka


Warmia and Masuria are very rich in magnificent gothic, Medieval constructions. They are connected with the crusaders order of Teutonic knights that ruled these lands in the early Middle Ages. Tourists visiting the Lakeland usually visit Lidzbark Warminski Palace (nowadays also luxurious 4-star hotel) Ryn (also hotel), Olsztyn Castle (ITS DMC Poland also suggests joining castle sightseeing with Olsztyn Planetarium visit), Reszel and Niedzica. All of them are glorious brick constructions with mesmerizing histories waiting to be discovered.

Military monuments

The Lakeland can boast 3 interesting military attractions. Two of them tell WWII stories. Mamerki is a complex of German bunkers that weren’t blown up at the end of the war. Currently, the Museum of the Second World War is located in the Mamerki complex. The shelters of the communication and command centre are illuminated and the interiors restored (over 600 square meters). Wolf’s Lair is located in Gierłoż. In years 1941-1944 it was the headquarters of Adolf Hitler himself. This top secret, camouflaged town in the forest consisted of about 200 buildings including bunkers, barracks, 2 airports, a railway station, a power plant, an air-conditioning facility, a water supply system and a thermal power station. In 1944 Wolf’s Lair was inhabited by 2,000 people. From this place Hitler commanded armies that were conquering the USSR. Nowadays, the remnants of various buildings are opened to tourists and can be visited with guides. ITS DMC Poland warns to take some warm blouse or sweater for sightseeing as bunkers are chilly even in summer. Finally, completely different attraction Boyen’s Fortress is situated in Giżycko and was erected in the middle of the 19th century. It was designed for 3,000 Prussian soldiers and its area is 100 hectares. Apart from admiring stronghold buildings and architecture, there are a few exhibitions in a barracks gallery, gun powder laboratory, stable and coach house.

Religious Centre

Swieta Lipka is the most important sanctuaries in northern Poland also with the most famous organs. The instrument is considered as one of the most advanced instruments of this type in the country. Swieta Lipka is a regional pilgrimage centre with beautiful basilica. The temple is the most important Baroque monument in northern Poland. ITS DMC Poland recommends sightseeing the complex with one of the priests. The sculpture of virgin Mary with Jesus is famous for many miracles and healings and readily visited by pilgrims and tourists.

Technology marvel

Elblag Canal is a technology marvel and next Polish candidate to UNESCO World Heritage List. This water rout gives tourists opportunity to take a cruise on water and also sea of grass. The length of the canal is almost 152 kilometres which makes it the longest navigable canal in the country. ITS DMC Poland suggest taking almost 4.5-hours cruise from Buczyniec to Elblag and enjoying beautiful countryside landscapes that are very characteristic to northern Poland.

Warmia and Masuria are beautiful areas, famous for ecological agriculture and fresh air. The Lakeland is one of the most important tourist regions of the country. Apart from enjoying water sports and relax in forest enclaves we heartily recommend also discovering main tourist attractions mentioned above. If you found any of the above places interesting, contact one of ITS DMC Poland professional group specialists, that will help you to organise your group tour to Poland. Don’t wait any longer start your Polish adventure still today!

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The Hampton Inn Elkins, WV

At A Glance:

Have a blast and make the most out of your day off from work when you stay at the luxurious accommodations available at the Hampton Inn Elkins. Be treated like Kings and Queens when you visit this wonderful hotel. The hotel is within close proximity with the American Mountain Theater and the Gandy Dancer Dinner Theater.

Reserve your hotel room at Hampton Inn Elkins with

You Should Know:

  • Climate control in rooms
  • Luggage storage in the property
  • Free parking spaces onsite
  • Tea and coffee making facilities on rooms
  • Complimentary wireless internet access
  • Cable programming for entertainment
  • Safes at the front desk
  • Non-smoking rooms available upon request

In and Around:

  • Fun shows at the American Mountain Theater
  • Colorful presentations at the Gandy Dancer Dinner Theater
  • Laze at the Durbin & Greenbrier Valley Railroad
  • Relax at the Cass Scenic Railroad State Park
  • A close to nature experience at the Mononghalea National Forest
  • Stop by the Spruce Knob
  • Visit the nearby Snowshoe Mountain Resort
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Must-See Museums In Vatican City

Vatican city an independent state of Rome Italy is full of astonishing views with unique architecture and craftsmanship. Not only the state is known for the distinguish building but the city is full of historical aspects. People of a Vatican city have preserved their cultural heritage, religious monuments and art crafts in museums. While visiting the place you will find different museums. Although all are best their own and if you have time you should visit all, travel right but these must-see museum in the state that will make your trip memorable are


Pinacoteca museum the 18 rooms building contain the cultural things from the medieval age to the 19th century. It is the perfect place for those who have love with paintings. While visiting the museum you will find all the paintings are displayed in chronological order. You will find many paintings by Pope pies XI and other Pops. The best thing about the museum is that you will find the display from the Congress of Vienna that was held in 1815. The museum contains about 460 paintings that are craftsmanship of the famous painters: Giotto, Leonardo da Vinci, Raphael, il Perugino, and Caravaggio.

Gregorian Egyptian museum

The Geographical Egyptian museum is full of antique collection. For those who are inspired by antiques then they should not forget to visit this place. The 9-room museum was founded by Pope Gregorius XVI in 1839. In the museum, you will find crafts from Egyptian, villa Adriana, Mesopotamia, and Assyria. The main attraction of the museum is Egyptian mummies.

Gallery of Geographic map

While moving to Vatican city towards the Sistine Chapel you will find here the building of geographic map gallery. It is an awesome place to visit for those who like to study a map and have an interest in geography. You will find a series of topographic maps. The cool and fascinating environment of the museum has map paintings on the walls. It clearly defines the division of Italy between two apennines. The museum also keeps the perspective views of Venice, Ancona, Genoa and last but not least the Port of Civitavecchia.

Raphael’s room

Another attractive museum in the state that will win your heart and make your day awesome is the Raphael’s room museum. If we study the history of the museum it was the part of the private apartment of Pope Julius II. The rooms were painted in such a way that they represent the Rome culture. After the death of the Pop, the rooms were opened for the public and displayed various paintings to memorize the ancient culture and art. You will find the Disputation of the Holy Sacrament (Theology), The School of Athens (Philosophy), The Parnassus (Poetry) and The Cardinal Virtues (Law) in the most famous room of the museum that is known as Stanza Della Segnatura.

If you are planning to visit a Vatican city and wish to go to museums then it’s better to take guided tours so that the guide will help you the understanding culture and meaning of each craft placed in a museum.

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Red River Inn & Suites Fargo, ND

At A Glance:

Feel the serene neighborhood and the comfort of a home during your stay at Red River Inn & Suites. All 100 guestrooms offer comforts like pillow top beds and premium bedding for a relaxing sleep, amenities for your convenience such as mini bar, LCD TV with premium cable and complimentary WiFi internet access. Rooms features modern function such as climate-control.

Reserve your hotel room at Red River Inn & Suites Fargo with

You Should Know:

  • Complimentary breakfast buffet
  • Free WiFi internet access
  • Free self-parking on-site
  • Quench your thirst in the on-site bar/lounge
  • Fully equipped fitness center for your daily workout
  • 24-hour business center with copy and fax services
  • Complimentary coffee and tea in the lobby
  • ATM banking services available on-site
  • Self-service laundry
  • Free newspaper in the laundry

In and Around:

  • Shop in wide array of boutique choices at West Acres Mall
  • Have fun with the whole family at the Red River Zoo
  • North Dakota State University is a few minutes away
  • Check out the Fargodome
  • Sanford Medical Center is also within proximity
  • Hector International Airport- Fargo is also nearby

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Amsterdam Is One Of The Most Popular Tourist Destinations In Europe

Amsterdam’s tourist industry has grown exponentially over the last 15 years. In that time the city’s holiday and tour companies have expanded a diversified the holiday products they offer. Visitors to Amsterdam can sample holiday activities that vary from tickets to the famous Rijksmuseum to an Amsterdam belly dancing workshop.

What is it that makes Amsterdam so appealing?

We’re checking out some of Amsterdam’s most appealing features and tourist attractions:

  • Architecture
    Amsterdam is famous for its beautiful buildings and canals, and they don’t fail to disappoint. For those interested in architecture the city is particularly fascinating as the birthplace of the “Amsterdam School” of architecture that has influenced urban development in nations across the globe. The city centre has been declared a UNESCO world heritage site, and its canal network is now over 300 years old.
  • Culture
    Amsterdam is incredibly culturally diverse, and the city’s community has been heavily influenced by waves of immigration over the past millennia. Amsterdam boasts Iberian, Italian and Moroccan influences, to name just a few. This gives the city a fascinating and unique culture, distinct from that of the rest of the Netherlands. It has also inspired an incredible variety of holiday activities such as the Amsterdam Belly Dancing Workshop.
  • Workshops
    Workshops are one of the most popular holiday activities offered in Amsterdam. Workshops like the Amsterdam belly dancing workshop operate 7 days a week, and have impressive attendance rates. Classes are offered on a huge variety of subjects and fields of interest, from bike building to live art classes.
  • Nightlife
    Amsterdam is becoming increasingly well known for its vibrant nightlife. The city has an impressive selection of clubs that are considered European trend setters, as well as an impressive collection of craft breweries. For those less interested in partying and more interested in the cultural and historical aspects of alcohol, there are several enchanting proeflokaals (tasting houses) that serve unique Dutch liqueurs.
  • Museums
    Amsterdam has an awe inspiring selection of museums. The city has had an incredible impact on world history, in particular owing to its relationship with the Dutch East India Company.

In addition, Amsterdam has been the home of some of the most popular and important artists of the last 400 years – the result are a huge proliferation of museums, open houses and information centres. Amsterdam has more museums per square metre than any other city in the world – whatever it is about the city’s history that interests you, there is almost certainly some kind of exhibition on it.

It’s apparent from the wide variety of activities here that it is the diversity of Amsterdam’s tourist industry that makes it such a popular destination for tourists.

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Football Tours To Spain

Spain won the 2010 World Cup and the Euro 2012. According to the International Federation of Football History & Statistics, Spain has the most amazing European football. It is obvious that Football tours to Spain is one of the best things a football fan can get to experience. One of the best leagues is Primera Division which is currently is among the top leagues of European football. Founded back in 1928, the league has had some of the best teams worldwide such as Real Madrid and FC Barcelona for a number of years.

For several years, Barcelona is known to be a popular destination for trips. They host some of the top World Class footballers such as Ivan Rakiitic, Luis Suarez among others. If you are a football fan, you should consider booking a trip to La Liga football. This will give you an amazing experience to the best football clubs.

Football tours 2019

For those who look forward to going for a football tour in 2019, Spain is the best destination. In this country, football is more like a religion since it is the most popular sport. With some of the best Spanish clubs that are successful in both the European and National League. You can get tailor-made tours that comprise of tickets to watch a Liga and other local friendly-fixtures. Due to its location, heritage and transport links, Spain will remain to be the best football destination.

Some of the tournaments that happen in Spain and welcome teams from all over the world include: Barcelona Football Festival, Donosti Cup in San Sebastian and many more.

For the junior football teams, there is a lot that Spain has to offer. There are several cities which you can tour such as Benidorm, Salou and Lloret de Mar. They all offer some good local teams, a good climate and a nice lifestyle to be enjoyed. Spain will test your junior team on and off the pitch. There is plenty of Sport and fun that Spain has to offer throughout.

As for the university football teams, there are some hospitable clubs that can allow some fixtures for your team. Apart from this, you can get to experience entertaining tournaments, festivals or even some competitive tests prior to the season.

For sure Spain is one country that you should consider as a must when you are thinking of a football trip.

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A Misconception That Needs To Be Eradicated

Mostly when people contemplate taking a trip to Dubai and you ask them what they are looking forward to, the reply that you get is shopping. The popularity that the place holds as a shopping hub is well known all over the world. However, many people have the misconception that this is the sole activity that the place has to offer.

The truth is that Dubai is among the most appealing family holiday destinations that you can think of. It is the kind of place that has a ton of interesting activities to indulge in. It is the place that does not allow boredom to creep in during your trip. It has all sorts of interesting activities to occupy you and you will not find yourself facing a dearth of options.

For instance, Dubaidesertsafari are rather famous. If you have plenty of time on your hands, you can opt for a whole day in the desert, enjoy the sunrise, watch the sunset, lie beneath the stars and so on. You can enjoy the silence and beauty of the deserts and marvel at the sand dunes. Dune bashing is also an option. You can also avail the opportunity of enjoying belly dancing shows. If you are on a short trip and cannot take out a whole day for the purpose, you can always go for a specific time period.

This is not the sole attraction that Dubai has to offer you apart from shopping. If you are looking to make the trip a little educational or if you are someone who is interested in history, there are different historical areas for you to explore. Thus, when you plan a trip to Dubai, keep in mind that there are a lot of things for you to do. Do not miss out on any of the fun activities.

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CESME: Ultimate Destinations To Visit In Turkey

The Middle East is one of the locations that offer the most exciting and exhilarating experiences in the world. This region has many locations that are not only refreshing, but also provide a rich insight into our past. Turkey is a nation that is located in the Middle East region that offers a rich blend of culture, pristine sites, and a taste of modernity. A country that shares a boundary between Asia and Europe is such a delightful place to visit if you are looking for an ultimate destination. Turkey has many exciting locations and sites to visit. Most visitors are often spoilt for choice when looking for a place to set up base. In your quest to get the right locations, one of the most outstanding regions that you should never miss is the beautiful Cesme peninsula, a region that is famous for her numerous fine, sandy beaches.

Why visit Cesme

Cesme is a region that provides an array of activities that offer a memorable and exciting experience. Some of the factors that promote this region as a preferred destination include the following.

  • Activities to carry out:This is the hidden gem of Turkey’s highly rated west coast. With fantastic shores and a number of spectacular thermal springs, Cesme has gained international fame. Initially colonized as a health resort, this region has become popular for travellers and tourists looking for carefree break in a tranquil getaway. Steady winds that characterize this peninsula have made this location to be a hotspot for a variety of sports that include surfing, and windsurfing.
  • Location:strategically located on a small peninsula region along the Adriatic Sea, Cesme boasts of infinite sunshine all year round. Even though the temperatures often rise above thirty degrees during summer, the cool and calm sea breeze will always keep you cool.
  • Cost:due to the growth in terms of number of visitors, the number of competing businesses has also increased. These businesses offer competitive rates that cater for visitors who have different budgetary inclinations. The array ensures that you can choose from different bars and restaurants that are scattered along the boisterous and yet tranquil regions of Cesme.
  • Shopping experience:you do not have to worry if you would like to experience a shopping experience. This coastal town provides a fantastic shopping experience to any visitors. This location has an array of stores and colourful market that enliven your shopping experience.
  • Attractive sites:Cesme peninsula is also home to some attractive sites. Starting with the famous fourteen century castle, you will get a chance to experience a number of great annual festivals that take place in this region. However, if you would like to be part of the festival, make sure that your holiday takes place during the month of July.
  • Cuisine:you cannot visit Cesme and fail to enjoy the rich and mouth watering cuisine. With a multitude of eateries, you will certainly have plenty of options at your disposal.

Securing Turkish visas guarantees you to be part of experiences that make Cesme an ultimate destination. Planning in advance will ensure you have a memorable experience in Cesme.

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Best Beaches Of The Biggest Island Of Thailand

You can go to the biggest beaches in Thailand to get some warmth in this winter season. Phuket will be the best destination for you. You have more than 30 beaches in Phuket. You will get cleanliness, clear water and lots of fun activities there. There is no sign of boredom in this destination. The people there are wonderful with their innocent techniques to sell the local hand made products to you. Every year many tourists come from all over the world to Phuket beaches to enjoy the sun bath and paragliding. You may not have time to go to every beach but you must see the popular ones:

Kata beach: this is an awesome beach, soft skin coloured sand perfect for lay down and relaxing. You have good natural views there, tall palm trees and clean sea water. There is also snorkelling and surfing organised seasonally. The vendors there mostly sell juices and local fruits; you will never go hungry in having fun there.

Freedom beach: This is another great beach of the island, you will get very clean and sound atmosphere there. This beach also contains some restaurants and bars, there are chairs available for you. You can sit relaxed; hear the sound of the waves. It’s a bit tricky to get there but this prevents the freedom beach from getting over crowded.

Ya nui beach: It is an L shaped small beach. You will find this place very romantic. If you are lucky couples on trip to Thailand then you must visit this beach. The scenery will definitely strike your mind and also the view of wind mill making it extra beautiful. You can click some cool photos there. This beach also contains rocks at places. Snorkelling at this beach is most popular.