The whole lowland part of Poland is very rich in natural lakes. Poland owes them to the last ice age and the ice cover. The most famous tourist region with lakes is Masuria, the Polish Lake District. Lakes cover 7% of the whole area. Here we will also find two the biggest Polish lakes Sniardwy and Mamry. Apart from them the region boasts the most famous tourist basins such as: Niegocin, Nidzkie Lake, Ros and Talty. There are 2 700 lakes that are bigger than 1 hectare here. The Lakeland is divided into two administrative districts Warmia and Masuria. The most popular resorts include: Mikołajki, Ruciane Nida, Mrągowo, Pisz, Szczytno, Biskupiec and Lidzbark Warmiński. Below we will present the most interesting tourist spots in this part of Poland by ITS Polish travel agent. So, if you want some sightseeing break during your lakes relax, check the below list. Let’s fasten our seat belts and start the journey just now.

Top 10 Warmia and Masuria attractions by ITS DMC Poland:

  1. Elblag Canal
  2. Lidzbark Warminski Castle
  3. Olsztyn Castle
  4. Ryn Castle
  5. Reszel Castle
  6. Niedzica Castle
  7. Wolf’s Lair
  8. Mamerki
  9. Boyen Fortress
  10. Swieta Lipka


Warmia and Masuria are very rich in magnificent gothic, Medieval constructions. They are connected with the crusaders order of Teutonic knights that ruled these lands in the early Middle Ages. Tourists visiting the Lakeland usually visit Lidzbark Warminski Palace (nowadays also luxurious 4-star hotel) Ryn (also hotel), Olsztyn Castle (ITS DMC Poland also suggests joining castle sightseeing with Olsztyn Planetarium visit), Reszel and Niedzica. All of them are glorious brick constructions with mesmerizing histories waiting to be discovered.

Military monuments

The Lakeland can boast 3 interesting military attractions. Two of them tell WWII stories. Mamerki is a complex of German bunkers that weren’t blown up at the end of the war. Currently, the Museum of the Second World War is located in the Mamerki complex. The shelters of the communication and command centre are illuminated and the interiors restored (over 600 square meters). Wolf’s Lair is located in Gierłoż. In years 1941-1944 it was the headquarters of Adolf Hitler himself. This top secret, camouflaged town in the forest consisted of about 200 buildings including bunkers, barracks, 2 airports, a railway station, a power plant, an air-conditioning facility, a water supply system and a thermal power station. In 1944 Wolf’s Lair was inhabited by 2,000 people. From this place Hitler commanded armies that were conquering the USSR. Nowadays, the remnants of various buildings are opened to tourists and can be visited with guides. ITS DMC Poland warns to take some warm blouse or sweater for sightseeing as bunkers are chilly even in summer. Finally, completely different attraction Boyen’s Fortress is situated in Giżycko and was erected in the middle of the 19th century. It was designed for 3,000 Prussian soldiers and its area is 100 hectares. Apart from admiring stronghold buildings and architecture, there are a few exhibitions in a barracks gallery, gun powder laboratory, stable and coach house.

Religious Centre

Swieta Lipka is the most important sanctuaries in northern Poland also with the most famous organs. The instrument is considered as one of the most advanced instruments of this type in the country. Swieta Lipka is a regional pilgrimage centre with beautiful basilica. The temple is the most important Baroque monument in northern Poland. ITS DMC Poland recommends sightseeing the complex with one of the priests. The sculpture of virgin Mary with Jesus is famous for many miracles and healings and readily visited by pilgrims and tourists.

Technology marvel

Elblag Canal is a technology marvel and next Polish candidate to UNESCO World Heritage List. This water rout gives tourists opportunity to take a cruise on water and also sea of grass. The length of the canal is almost 152 kilometres which makes it the longest navigable canal in the country. ITS DMC Poland suggest taking almost 4.5-hours cruise from Buczyniec to Elblag and enjoying beautiful countryside landscapes that are very characteristic to northern Poland.

Warmia and Masuria are beautiful areas, famous for ecological agriculture and fresh air. The Lakeland is one of the most important tourist regions of the country. Apart from enjoying water sports and relax in forest enclaves we heartily recommend also discovering main tourist attractions mentioned above. If you found any of the above places interesting, contact one of ITS DMC Poland professional group specialists, that will help you to organise your group tour to Poland. Don’t wait any longer start your Polish adventure still today!