Indian destinations

Workation means “a working vacation”. It refers to any vacation where you can enjoy your leisure time while meeting the daily deadlines at work. No matter in which sector you work, as days are passing by workload per individual is increasing and vacations are always limited. As per a study, nearly 60% of working professionals don’t prefer to travel during their vacations. They rather choose to chill within a club or be indoors to relax. But a workstation goes against all preconceived notions and helps travellers find a perfect balance between their private and professional life. The concept though pretty new to the Indian audience, but is gaining much popularity with every passing day. So, without any further ado. Let’s take a look at 6 pristine locations within India where you can plan your next workation.


Starting off with one of the most popular tourist attractions in India. Goa is visited by more than 12 million people every year. Famous for its clean sandy beaches, breezy temperate climate, and vacation spirit, the place serves as a great option for workation. Nothing would beat the feeling of lying in the shade of palm trees on a sandy beach while working and soaking in the whole vibe at the same time. Goa has a lot to offer you can opt for beach parties, trekking, camping, sightseeing, and more while meeting up the deadlines simultaneously. But one should be sure to book hotels online before visiting Goa, as getting proper accommodation at the most tourist-intensive place of India is never easy.

Best time to visit Goa:– From November to Mid-April.


Popularly known as “The city of Lakes”, Udaipur is the crown jewel of Rajasthan tourism. Every year more than 2.5 million tourists visit this great city. Covered from tip to toe with rich history, culture, and pristine natural beauty, Udaipur is enough to melt any tourist’s heart. “Enjoying workation in the royal hospitality of Udaipur”, nothing can beat that experience. Udaipur is star-studded with historical buildings, beautiful lakes, sandy deserts and more. This place between the Aravallis is bound to keep you refreshed as you can enjoy your vacation.

Best time to visit Udaipur:- From October to March.


Workation and Coorg is a magical combination. Imagine sitting on the balcony of your hotel overlooking the lush green hills besides enjoying a sip of strong coffee while working on your laptop. That sounds like a great workation to me! Coorg has a cool climate all-around, which makes it one of the best places in India to visit during any time of the year. The beautiful natural, calm environment and affordable accommodation just add to the charm of Coorg. If you want to visit Coorg be sure to book hotels online to get the best package deal at really affordable prices.

Best time to visit Coorg:– Favorable any time of the year, but most visited from April to Mid-July.


A district located in the southern tip of India near Thiruvananthapuram. Varkala will captivate you with the enchanting beauty of the Arabian sea. This small town located in the southern part of Kerala boasts unparalleled natural beauty, vibrant hippie culture, mouthwatering cuisine, and numerous adventure sports. Varkala is very much the hidden gem of the south and it offers a great workation experience within limited costs. If you want to visit Varkala, book hotels online and enjoy the soul-soothing experience it has to offer.

Best time to visit Varkala:- From October to March.


Also known as the “Queen of Hills”, Darjeeling sits on top of West Bengal like its crown. Located nearly 3000 m above sea level Darjeeling can be an unexpectedly great option for workation. From the pristine beauty of the Himalayas to bustling market places and mouth-watering cuisines, Darjeeling has got it all covered. If you plan on visiting Darjeeling then be sure to arrive there via the Toy Train, a narrow-gauge railway track that travels through some of the most beautiful hilly regions.

Best time to visit Darjeeling:- From April to Mid-June.


Workation and hill station always sound like the best pair. Located on the foothills of the Himalayas in the state of Himachal Pradesh, Dharamshala offers a favourable travelling experience throughout. Decorated with numerous temples, monasteries and other cultural and religious attractions, Dharamshala is a place where you can find your true self. Enjoying a workation at Dharamshala is bound to be a relaxing and chilling experience.

Best time to visit:– Favorable any time of the year, but most visited from March to June.

Hope this list helps you plan your next workation accordingly. With everything getting back to normal once again, it’s high time to make a few travel plans with friends or family ASAP and get rid of the mundane work from home experience without missing the deadlines at work.